Whether you are starting advertising online or using Google Ads for the first time, it is necessary to know about this platform. Though it is very easy to open an account with Google Ads, it is not as easy as it seems to get the best return for your money. While we usually suggest small businesses to contact a reputable and quality advertising agency, certified by Google Ads, it may not be feasible every time. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 12 suggestions so that you can generate additional money in 2020 by using your PPC account with Google Ads.

Why is quality score important?

The evaluation of the quality of your Ads and keywords by Google is known as Quality Score. This score is used by Google in the auction process to rank your ads by calculating your CPC multiplied by the number of times it is offered.

Factors included in the Quality Score are:

  • CTR or rate of clicking on a link
  • Significance of keyword in the entire Group of Ads
  • Quality and relevance of landing page to keywords
  • Performance of previous Ad text, account and keyword

Though Google does not disclose the importance of the rate of clicking the ads while evaluating its algorithms still it is true. Google makes more money depending upon the number of people clicking on the ads on SERPs. By the end of the day, for having good CTR, the advertisers are encouraged with an incentive. Thus, you can get two types of benefits of having a quality score, lower CPC, and higher-ranking i.e. more traffic at less cost.

Difference between Ads Express and Google Ads

You should understand the difference between Google Ads and Google Ads Express to make more money. You can easily start a campaign on Google by having an account with Google Ads Express. But while running this Google account, the effect of your ads, keywords, and targets will be the least. It may not be good for you while making money through Google as instead of you, it will be beneficial for Google. So, it is better to use Google Ads instead of Google Ads Express to make more money with Google.

Search Network of Google

When you open a new account with Google then you start using its search network as your ads will be seen on the SERPs of Google, to make more important for the targeted visitors, as it enables the visitors to click on your ads and get converted into a customer.

Google’s Search Network can be the best choice for businesses with limited budgets as it can increase conversion rate as compared to the networks offering Campaigns of Display.

So, you should not select the option of Display network while starting a new marketing campaign with Google Ads, which is usually pre-selected. So you should deselect it as you do not need to opt for both Displays and Search. Though Display Network is not bad, you should avoid using both the ways as Search Network can be the best for better conversions with specific goals and limited resources.

Structure of Account

While considering quality score it is also important to maintain the size of ad groups and your campaign. You can expect better results when your Ad Groups, Ads, and Campaigns are more targeted to each other regardless of their numbers. A high-quality score makes keywords and ads the most relevant to each other as they are included in an Ad Group. Your Ad group should not have any keywords that are not linked to your ads as it can affect your CTR which will reduce the number of clicks on your ads as well as your score of quality. For this reason, to make the maximum amount of money you are suggested to get connected to an agency certified by Google. 

Importance of Landing Pages

To determine the overall score of quality you must use the most appropriate landing pages. These pages must be suitable for your ads so that they may take the people clicking on your ads to that page and find complete information for which they have clicked on it. So, a consistency between the content of the landing page used for displaying ads and the keywords used in the ads should be of high degree. You can lower your CPC and increase CTR and rate of conversion which in turn will increase your quality score and money, once you can achieve this goal.

Writing the Ad Copy

You should write Ad Copy so that it is suitable and targeted to your target keywords. You should use split testing of the A/B copies of the ad as the best method to find the best copy, to get clicks at the highest rate. You should also satisfy all the Ad contents available to find the best one with the help of ETA or Expanded Text Ads feature of Google Ads. It allows the advertiser to tell more about its services and products. So you can greatly lower your CTC and improve your quality score as well as CTR by using extra copies of your ads.

Location of the Campaign

The ads of small businesses should be focused on specific locations. By focusing their ads on specific areas small businesses can get a better response from local people even if their businesses are land-based or online. They should focus on the requirements of the people living in different areas. For instance, you may get a negative response if you market jackets with puffs in warm areas like Perth or Gold Coast in Australia. But you can increase your CTR by advertising them in Melbourne and Adelaide which get cold during winters. 

Use of Keywords

The most important thing for the success of your Google Ads is keywords. While making your strategy to use keywords you have to focus on many things like:

  • Keywords with a long tail: For unique SEO these long keywords are considered the best but not for businesses with a restricted budget. So, you should use the keywords that can increase the conversion rate and the volume of search in a balanced manner.
  • Keywords with negative effect: Though negative keywords are usually avoided, they can quickly improve results for you. You are allowed by Google Ads to use the keywords that are not suitable for your services and products. You can prevent the display of your ads in the SERPs by telling Google that it may not match the requirements of the searchers. You can see the things searched by the people and remove unsuitable terms by using negative keywords according to the report of the Search Terms of Google Ads.
  • Matching keywords: They are used by many small companies to manage their ineffective account with Google Ads. Four types of matching keywords are used in Google Ads including Modified Broad Match, Broad Match, Exact Match, and Phrase Match.

Mobile Optimisation

In today’s era of mobile devices, it has become necessary to optimize ads for them even if a lot of traffic is received through desktops in certain areas. People are making their ads mobile-friendly so that they can get more CTR by allowing their customers to see their ads on their devices. You should assess the potential of the present campaign for the users of mobile devices, more particularly for mobile phones, while optimizing your ads. If yes, then you can use your campaign as it is but you should make a new ad if the response is negative.

Testing ads

You can make money more efficiently with your Google Ads account by using a split-test method to test the potential of your ads. You can do this test by having a minimum of 2 ads in the same ad group to see which performs the best. Better performance on Google means the best ad. You can pause or delete the ads not performing as per expectations. To make better ads you can compare it with the selected one as making better ads is a continuous process.

Actions to take during split-testing ads

  • Underperforming ads should be deleted or paused
  • You should focus beyond CPC and CTR as well as conversion rate
  • You should test various types of ads

Remarketing ads

You should set your goal before starting a marketing campaign. You cannot expect a lot of traffic with reviving your campaign. It can only influence the conversion rate by supporting your brand to the people who have already visited your site.

Extension with Ads

You can provide more information about your business and its services and products by using extensions with your ads. Small businesses can improve the experience of their customers by using various types of ad extensions like:

Extensions with site-link: You can use your site-link extensions to direct the users to visit the relevant landing pages if you have several landing pages.

Extensions with call-out: A callout in the ads like Free Shipping etc. can increase the CTR by building trust for your customers.

Extensions with reviews: The reviews of the previous users can also improve CTR as they will ensure the trustworthiness of your products and services.

Extensions with a call: A call-of-action in a mobile campaign can also increase your rate of conversion.

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