Google Adwords Vs. Facebook Advertising, Which one is right for you?

It is common knowledge that the most popular online advertising in New Zealand are Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. Let’s look at the real difference and what could be potentially the best for your growing business.

Looking at both platforms on a surface level, they do have their own strengths and unique offerings. However, a closer look would reveal that they are actually complementary. And that is regardless of what type of business might be involved. They can adjust to the ways of getting the message out there, and even the right audience to boot.

What is Google Adwords ?

Nowadays, the Google search engine has become an indispensable tool for information gathering and processing. More or less, customers you find in Google are either part of a specific market or, as targeted prospects who need exactly the product or service that you might be offering. This is part of the success of Google because they have become very good at meet-and-matching businesses with its prospective customers. More often than not, some of whom are already ready to buy.

Advantages of Google Adwords

Your business will have direct access to the market that already has an existing demand. Adwords does this by using ads to target specific search words and targeting geographical queries.

You can use the service for as low as $5 a day.

It uses keyword insights to understand the size and shape of active online searches.

It is very useful for direct response campaigns.

It brings in substantial if not, very good conversion rates to your business.

Disadvantages of Google Adwords

Due to some market segments that have stiff competition, Adwords may have the tendency to raise their fees in terms of cost per click.

Adwords is fairly limited to the particular product your business is selling and is not as useful when doing substitute selling or cross-selling.

There is a need to spend time and learn the platform due to its complex processes, which doesn’t sit well with novice users.

What is Facebook Advertising?

We all know that Facebook started out as a personal platform that grew into a huge engine for almost any category in and outside of the market. However, it has remained largely a social network where users would normally keep in touch with friends and family, and even for news and entertainment. In New Zealand Facebook currently has 2.5 million users.

Notably, Facebook has access to market-useful information like location, age, gender, and even interests. It processes anything that can help advertisers find their audience. Contrary to what one might expect, FB advertising is actually traditional in terms of broadcast delivery.

What makes it effective is that it can advertise directly to highly-specific audiences or a specific market. It can basically match your business or product based on customer profiles, location, interests, behaviors and more. For any advertiser that is looking to sell and want to get sales consistently, you can’t get any more specific with the kind of information that Facebook has.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Facebook reaches specific markets inside and outside of Facebook with incredible accuracy, thereby improving the chances of conversion by a large margin.

Facebook unofficially currently dominates the mobile device audience usership and that includes markets that are embedded in it.

It has a large and highly effective range of display ad formats which makes it very engaging.

This platform is also excellent for Direct Response Campaigns.

It has a wide range for your marketing budget options. You can start for as low as $5 a day.

It is cost-effective and even cheaper than traditional media.

Suits Branding

Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

There is a need to keep on creating new ads to keep your message fresh.

Facebook has recently become a little bit more competitive as more and more advertisers have come to join the bandwagon.

Users have the capability to publish comments right on your ad, which require some time and effort to manage and maintain.

Can I Use Both Adwords and Facebook Ads?

Absolutely. Adwords and Facebook when used together, with the right components, can and will complement each other. It can even bring in better results than you would when using only one of the two. For one, Adwords is very good as a direct response form of marketing, targeting a specific audience or market, and driving new and relevant customers to your website.

Facebook, on the other hand, can enhance Adwords processes by retargeting these visitors and increasing the chance of conversion. If you are looking to maximize your opportunities in Adwords with more traffic and inquiries, Facebook will naturally come in as the next best option. Generally, using these two platforms, one or both, gives a high probability of accelerating the growth of your business.

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