Top 15 Advantages of Using Google Adwords To Grow Your Business


1.Online Presence Is Important

Most businesses spend most of their time trying to increase their online presence as the internet is now part of our everyday life. Most customers or potential customers usually do their market research online before making any purchases.

Especially when the product of interest has the ability to substantially affect their personal expenditure (Daily, Monthly, Yearly). Thus by having minimal or zero presence online, you are missing out on a big pool of potential customers and giving them all away to your competitors.

2.Taking Advantage of Keywords

Keywords are important when it comes to online marketing as it helps businesses to directly reach out to potential customers. The use of keywords can either be done organically or paid. However, when done organically it is much harder to rank on the front page of the google search result.

With the use of Google Adwords, you’ll be able to rank on the front page for the right price. Making it easier to reach out to potential customers. Plus you are also able to change the keywords of your google Adwords ad campaign easily when the need arises.

3.Aimed Directly To Your Target Market

Another advantage of using online marketing tools like Google Adwords lies in its ability to directly reach out to your target market. Google Adwords has the option of filtering which demographic and geographic location you want your ads to be seen.

This means that you have the ability to advertise your product or business to relevant potential customers.

4.Based On Your Advertising Budget

Technically speaking there is no minimum amount to how much you can spend on Google Adwords. Although it does not make sense to have a daily budget of $5 spent on ads, you can, however, do that.

Basically, with Google Adwords, you have the ability to spend according to your planned budget and not overspend. In addition to that, you can also track your conversion rate and understand your ROI better.

5.Display Ads On A Network Of Sites

Google Adwords, gives you the option to either choose to advertise on the google search engine or google network display. Through the display network, you are able to advertise your product to a huge network of websites under google or partnered with google.

6.Running Simultaneous Ad Campaigns

With Google Adwords, you are able to run multiple ad campaigns at the same time depending on your budget. Not only will you be able to reach out to a bigger target market but also market more than one product at the same time.

7.Improve Organic Ranking

Running an Adwords campaign can improve the organic ranking of your website’s page. This helps in improving your website’s online presence in terms of organic reach. Plus, you are able to utilize the data you obtain from the ad campaigns to improve upon your existing SEO strategy for your SEO Hamilton and NZ.

8.Increasing The Top Of Your Marketing Funnel

One of the most important aspects of online marketing involves lead generation. Not every potential customer will convert and make a purchase. This means that the more leads you generate the more conversion you will get.

A higher number of conversions equals higher revenue. Through the use of Adwords, you are able to increase the number of relevant leads, thus increasing the amount of potential revenue.

9.Flexible Marketing Tool

Google Adwords is a flexible tool that has the ability to cater different types and sizes of businesses. Through the use of Adwords, you are able to target relevant markets, adjust ads to fit your budget, retarget your ads, appear on various relevant websites, collect relevant data, and readjust your ad campaign.

10.Makes ROI More Tangible

Through the use of Google Adwords, you have the ability to track your ad campaign conversion rate. As opposed to advertising the traditional way, where everything is basically a guessing game.

Additionally, you can choose to run pay per click ad campaigns. Pay per click is basically an advertising model where a fee is paid only if the advertisement is being clicked. If the advertisement is not clicked then there is no need to pay for anything.

11.Immediate Feedback

After running your adverts with Google Adwords a result report will be provided where you are able to evaluate your ad campaign. The report will help you make a decision to either readjust or remain using the same ad campaign.

12.Immediately Display Your Ads

As soon as you run your advertisement through Google Adwords, your advertisement will immediately take into effect. In comparison to traditional advertising means like radio, television, etc. It will take some time before your advertisement takes into effect.

13.High Source Of Traffic

As of January 2020, there are 4.54 billion internet users. In addition, Google holds 92.07% of the search engine market share. This indicates that there are plenty of leads or potential customers found online and businesses should take advantage of that.

14.Advertising On The Right Time

In addition to all the advantages that Google Adwords has to offer, you can also optimize your campaigns based on the time of the day (i.e high conversion hours or high search hours). These data can be obtained from google trends and google analytics.

15.Optimize Relevant Keywords

Google Adwords gives users the ability to analyze which keywords are working best. Hence, you have the option to toss away keywords that don’t work and take advantage of keywords that works

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