It can become hard to be productive when it feels like the world around you have stopped. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever. Schools and colleges are shut with students spending the whole day confined in their houses. In this situation, we must spend our time doing something beneficial that will come in handy later.

Even though for most people, these days can feel dull, it’s students and employees that can jump at this opportunity. Web app development and mobile app development are two tech skills that you can master during your free time.

App development is a huge market to tap into. By 2016, around 130 billion apps had been downloaded from the Apple App store worldwide, and approximately 65 billion apps had been downloaded from Google Play. While there are plenty of program languages out there, these 5 are the most popular ones to focus on. Check out these top applications and figure out which one you should learn during this COVID-19 to enhance your skills.

Web and Mobile Development Languages







Angular JS

This programming language is perfect for small web app development. Nowadays, it’s necessary to have excellent skills in this programming language to be a front-end developer. Its demand has rapidly increased due to blockchain technology. Angular JS is primarily meant for designers.

It’s a toolkit for creating the most suitable frame for app development. Each feature can be changed to match your workflow and requirements. Angular JS enables you to put out HTML vocabulary to your application giving you an easy to develop environment. It’s also testable and injectable.

Its data-binding feature allows you to change the view as the model changes and update the model with a change in the view. With Angular JS, you can express the behavior behind DOM elements without updating it. Your code can be maintained and reused easily with these plain JavaScript objects. Reusable components can be formed using directives. It enables your application to be obtainable in all locales.

Angular JS


Python is making its way into Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science like the wind. This makes it the perfect opportunity and time to learn Python for web and mobile app development. It is so popular among developers today because it requires lesser steps than java, and C. Kivi and BeeWare are the most popular frameworks that are preferred for Python.

Python is a free and open-source language. The object-oriented language is easy to learn and use. It has a vast library and provides modules for speedy app development. Languages like Java, C, and C++ can be integrated with Python.

Python can run on many operating systems and is easy to understand and implement. It is highly preferred due to the interactive environment that it creates. It can be used to make applications for iOS, windows, and android as well. Python has given rise to some of the most popular applications today, including Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Uber.

Learning Python will help you in several aspects and once you start showing your skills in the development world, you will realize how crucial this language is.



Java is one of the most used languages in the world of mobile and web app development today. Using java, developers can write code that can run on any device as it is simple, object-oriented, platform-independent, dynamic, and extensible. It uses the familiar base of C and C++ and leaves out its confusing elements. It offers the potential of compiled languages along with the flexibility of interpreted ones.

Java is architecture-neutral, which is useful while developing or downloading apps from the internet. It is robust and is capable of supporting object-oriented programming features. It has a powerful and robust system for memory management. Java also urges users to go for distributed applications.


The Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available for download. Swift is an open-source and compiled language used for creating macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iOS applications. This general-purpose programming language is fast, safe, and expressive, making it great for web as well as mobile app development. Swift manages memory automatically and provides code that is cleaner and less prone to errors. The features of code are easy and exciting to use, making it so popular.

It has a simplified syntax and grammar and needs less code making it very easy to use and read. Swift’s strength lies in its improved performance and safety, and its decreased memory footprint. Swift libraries and applications can also be made using Swift on Linux. With ABI in the picture, Apple is able to provide support of swift across all of its platforms.



The most recent specification of the HTML language, HTML5, standardizes the ways that developers are using it. It promotes accessibility and responsiveness of design and parts the design from content. It also aims to decrease the overlap between CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The new upgrade introduces features like drag-and-drop and video playback.

The new versions of internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera as well as Mozilla Firefox support HTML5, making it excellent for app development. New features like geolocation, microdata, semantic elements, WebSocket, and canvas are ideal for modern web app development and can easily convert a website into mobile application.

The demand and usage of HTML5 is just increasing at a rapid page. Almost at every development centered requirement, HTML5 can help in bringing a lot of diversity and range to the output.

Summing up

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020. In today’s tech-savvy world, knowing a programming language can be extremely useful and set you apart. Web and mobile app development is a valuable skill that can help you get ahead in top tech companies.

Angular JS, Python, Java, Swift, and HTML 5 are the future of app development languages and will be advantageous in the coming years. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, students and IT professionals all over the world have more time than ever. If you’ve been thinking of doing something worthwhile with your time during the lockdown, you know where to start.

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