Case Study: CRS

How we generated $5.6M revenue for Complete Roofing Solutions with SEO & Google Ads.

The Client: Complete Roofing Solutions

CRS is a family-owned and operated roofing company, based in Auckland. CRS is dedicated to providing high-quality roofing services to both residential and commercial customers, primarily focused on long-run steel roofing. 

With over 100+ years of combined team experienced in the trades and a team of skilled roofing professionals they are equipped to handle all types of roofing projects, from small repairs to full roof replacements.

The Challenge

CRS primary goal was to generate leads specifically interested in replacing their entire roofs, rather than those looking for minor repairs like fixing gutters or leaks. This focus required a nuanced marketing approach to specifically target homeowners considering substantial investments in their property.

Additionally, CRS aimed to cater to a market segment seeking of high-quality Colour Steel roofing solutions. This necessitated a marketing strategy that not only highlighted the durability and aesthetic appeal of their Colour Steel products but also differentiated them from standard roofing options.

Financially, CRS was targeting projects with a minimum value of $25,000, focusing on extensive, lucrative roofing contracts. This high-value threshold meant their marketing efforts needed to appeal to a more affluent demographic, capable of making significant investments in their homes.

In terms of Geo, the company’s focus was on the Auckland area. This required a localized marketing strategy that resonated with Auckland homeowners’ specific needs and preferences, ensuring CRS’s services were both relevant and appealing in this market.

Our Solution

Bluelight initiated a series of strategic improvements to enhance CRS’s digital marketing and lead generation. The process began with in-depth target audience research, focusing on homeowners in Auckland seeking high-quality re-roofing.

1. Revamp
A key step was the complete revamp of CRS’s website, undertaken by Bluelight. The focus was on both aesthetic appeal and conversion rate optimization, ensuring the site effectively guided visitors towards inquiries and quotes. Every website visitor is valuable and we ensured that most visitors find what they are looking for and reach out for a quote.

2. Tracking
We also implemented a lead tracking system for CRS, enabling precise monitoring of lead sources and behaviors. This system was crucial in refining marketing strategies and focusing on the most effective lead channels. It also meant we had a tight feedback loop with the company owner and could understand what’s working and moving the needle in terms of sales.

3. Insights
To provide CRS with real-time performance insights, we created a performance dashboard. This tool tracked key metrics like website traffic and lead conversion rates, helping with the decision-making process and budget distribution. This led to crucial insights, such as indentifying which which enquiries were of low quality and did not fit into the target customer profile.

4. Google Ads
We set up and managed a comprehensive Google Adwords campaign for CRS. This included ad creation, copywriting, targeting and ongoing optimisation of our campaigns. We focused on leads and sales outcomes from day one and ensured that budget was allocated towards the winning campaigns. Over the course of 12 months we scaled the account from $2,000/month to $6,000/month in ad spend.

5. SEO

While our ads were performing well, we added SEO as another major focus for acquiring roofing leads. This meant that we could diversify from our ad spend and add organic leads to the overall marketing portfolio. We created SEO-optimized landing pages strategically targeting keywords related to their primary geographic locations around the city. These pages aimed to attract organic traffic from those actively searching for these services within high-income neighbourhoods. This turned out to be a successful revenue driver for our client and the results speak for themselves:

1241 leads acquired at a cost of avg. $32/lead in 12 months. 
We generated $5,6M in revenue and a Return on Ad Spend of 11,400% ROAS (x114)

The Results


Cost per lead












James Logan

Director at CRS

“Responsive, highly competent and delivered great results. You guys have done a tremendous job for my business!”

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