Do Google Ads Work?

Does Google Ads Work? Customers that are looking for digital advertising services always have this question in mind. Some of them may think that Google Ads don’t work because they haven’t clicked on those links themselves and they think other people don’t also. The truth is that there are many people who do and there are reasons why. The main factor in having success in Google as a business marketing its services on the main search engine in the world is relevance. This is because the Google algorithms take into account the relevance of the ad when it comes to displaying it on a specific search.

When people are searching for something on Google, they want to find what they want to search for and they want to do it fast. They don’t want to spend their valuable time doing many searches. If Google didn’t make the Ads displayed on the searches relevant, it would lose money as people wouldn’t click on them. It was precisely the fact that Google provided us with the optimal information when it came to searches that it allowed it to become the largest search engine in the world.

In Neuromarketing, there is a concept that says that our eyes will scan through the webpage and spend more time and attention on those headlines that catches our attention. Usually, those listings that are at the top of the page are the ones that get clicked the most. Intiutively, we as humans think that those ads that are on the first spots are the most important of them all. That’s why we choose them over others.

Top Search Results – Google Ads

Google Ads always come at the top of the webpage just before the actual organic results. It sometimes happens that many people don’t differentiate between paid Google Ads and normal organic listings. For this reason, it is of high importance that a business ad appears on Google as many people will click on it, even if they can’t really know if it’s an ad or not. This shouldn’t be considered cheating on behalf of Google as they always put that it is on the left side of the ad. In fact, they are also trying to help you find what you are looking for.

Shouldn’t Organic Listings be Better?

You may be asking, aren’t organic listings better than paid ads on Google? The algorithm that ranks the positions of the links on Google is very complex. This algorithm is secret, reason for which people who own websites don’t have any control over where their site should rank on the results. Since it is not rocket science, people can use SEO to improve their rankings on Google. In the case of Google ads, website owners can decide where their ads can fall on the first page of Google.

How to Use Google Ads

Advertisers on Google place bids to “buy” a certain position where their ad will be located. This action is live and it is full of competition. It depends on the bids made by the other advertisers. If the bid is lower than that of others, his ad will be relegated to a lower position. The bid advertisers can be adjusted either downward or upwards depending on both the ad they want to display and the competition. Bidding by keyword can be adjusted manually or it can be automated using Google’s artificial intelligence. That being said, ads can be more easily controlled than organic searches. If there are advertisers that do well according to their quality scoring system, meaning, the ads are not only very relevant but also optimally targeted to the intended audience which is known by the times searches click on the links, Google will reward them by charging them with a discount rate for each click given. Also, those “quality” ads will rank higher on Google and will be more likely to be displayed on the first spot of the search before the organic listings. That way, business owners who advertise their business this way can get more visitors to their website.

Maximizing Your Website Visits Using Google Ads

Dominating traffic to your website from Google is always a good idea. As a good marketer, you should know that there are keywords that will attract more traffic to your website than others. This is learned with experience. Thus, using those keywords that boost your website’s traffic is of utmost importance in your marketing efforts. A double and synergetic effect can be achieved by having both your Google ad and your website listed at the first place of the organic search on Google for that specific keyword or set of keywords. If you are listed twice on those main spots, you are communicating to the reader that you are a trustworthy business and individual. In conclusion, both SEO (for organic search purposes) and Google ads should be used to augment your presence on Google. Once you determine which ones are the most important keywords related to your business, you can use that to your advantage in order to bring more traffic to your website.

The Price of Google Ads

You only have to pay if the user clicks on them. They are called PPC or pay-per-click, advertising. An average cost for a click of a Google ad is NZ$1.30 right now. However, the range can go anywhere from NZ$0.04 to NZ$5.00 which depends on the competition. Cost shouldn’t be the primary factor when deciding to advertise your business on Google, Instead, the ROI or return on investment should be used for this purpose.

What Happens if Your Competition Clicks on Your Ads?

This can be a cause of concern for many people and it may even prevent them from using them. You can rest assured that Google has found a way to tackle this issue. The way Google works on this is by identifying and analyzing click activity that is invalid and paying you back the amount of money that you were charged for these clicks.

Google as the Main Advertising Platform in the World

Undoubtedly, Google is the main advertising platform in the world. It has a huge revenue and that is because people click on ads, which is the way they make money. It is important to know that Google is a part of Alphabet, the company that’s listed on the stock market. In our experience, any marketing campaign that is properly done will help you come up with leads and increase your business’s sales.

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