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Bluelight Offers Professional Google Adwords, Based In Christchruch.

Google Ads is one of the most effective online advertising tools used by thousands of small and large businesses to reach precisely the people they would like to reach. A professionally managed Google Ads Christchurch campaign will help drive high-quality traffic to your website and increase your conversions for maximum online profitability.

BLUELIGHT is your best PPC advertising partner to help you target relevant customers in and around Christchurch already searching for your products and services. Our team of Google Adwords specialists will develop a customized paid search campaign that is in line with your business goals.

The main selling point of PPC advertising is that until an interested customer clicks on your ad, you don’t have to pay. If you don’t want to miss out on sales, you should already be investing in Google Ads. So, what is BLUELIGHT’s unique selling proposition? We are an advertising agency that goes above and beyond clicks.

We understand that the advertising funnel doesn’t end there. We track each action taken by a prospect on your website and optimize your paid search campaigns for conversions. We understand that if you are not turning a profit then there’s no point investing your money. As such, profitability is always our main focus.

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How We Approach Google Adwords

How We Approach Google Adwords

We kick off all our campaigns with thorough research as it is the basis of any successful paid search campaign. Prior to a Google Ads campaign launch, we conduct research on keyword statistics. This affords us important insights into the online preferences of your prospective customers.

We can then determine the opportunities you can take advantage of in Christchurch. We will look into your products or services. After gaining an understanding of your business goals, we can outline your campaign profit targets.

We Focus on Leads and Sales

We will work closely with your marketing team and determine the amount we should spend per lead on Google Ads. In order to achieve maximum ROI, we leverage this information to review and optimize your Google Adwords Christchurch campaign regularly.

By focusing on leads and sales, we can guarantee that your business in Christchurch will turn impressive profits. That is what you expect from us and that is what we promise to deliver.

We Track Your Phone Calls and Emails

We employ an integrated Call Tracking system. Each time a prospective customer calls your business through our system, you will receive an automatic notification. We track your lead each time you receive an email enquiry or contact form.

We can determine that your Google Ad campaign was the source of the lead. From this insight, we can also calculate your ROI (the amount of money spent vs. profit generated). Through our monthly performance reports, you can view the total number of leads you generate.

We are a Certified Google Partner

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Google Ads Christchurch:
should YOU invest IN PPC?

Investing in Google Ads to reach out to your target audience in Christchurch is definitely worth it. Our answer is based on 5 years of working with Google Ads and having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into paid search. Below are reasons why you should be investing in Google Ads:

Low Setup Costs

Getting up and running with your Google Ads campaign is a relatively low-cost venture. Typically, an advertising agency like BLUELIGHT will charge you for keyword research and setting up your PPC account.

Following this is a small monthly management fee. One of the main advantages of Google Ads is the fact that you’ll only pay when an interested user clicks on your advertisement.

Access a Highly Targeted Audience

With Google Adwords, you won’t waste your marketing funds on cold audiences. Users in Christchurch who search for your products and services online via Google are high-quality leads.

These users are looking for vendors and intend to make a purchase. Through an effective Google Ads campaign, you can reach out to this highly targeted audience and give them exactly what they are looking for.

You Can Track Leads

When you pair Google Ads with Google Analytics, you have powerful tools that highlight the actions prospective customers take on your website. At BLUELIGHT, we make good use of these platforms to review the performance of your PPC campaigns. This allows us to make regular optimizations that will maximize your ROI.

It Produces Quick Results

One of the great things about Google Ads is that you start a campaign today and be on top of SERPs the next day. If your ads have a high-Quality Score, Google will immediately place them in front of your target audience. Start now and have your inbox flooded with enquires from ready-to-convert leads.

Budget Flexibility

Google Ads has leveled the online advertising playfield to some extent. You can be able to run effective advertising campaigns without having to spend thousands of dollars each month.

You can start with a budget that you’re willing to spend and make adjustments as your campaign kicks off. Google Adwords has a budget limit feature to ensure that you never pay more than you are comfortable spending. Your ads will pause once your budget is used up.


Have you ever visited a website and suddenly start getting ads from that company? That is remarketing or retargeting at play. Remarketing is a very effective tactic since you are reaching out to users who have already shown an interest in your offerings. Given the many online distractions, retargeting is the best and most cost-effective way on your audiences’ radar.

BLUELIGHT Google Ads Setup Process

  • Takeover existing Google Ads account or set up a new one
  • Keyword research, reach estimation and cost analysis
  • Analysis of products and services and establishment of key performance indicators
  • Implement structure of ad account
  • Setup ad campaign keywords, negative keywords and targeting settings
  • Professional ad copywriting
  • Implementation of phone call and email tracking system

BLUELIGHT Google Ads Management Process

  • Continuous keyword research and addition to target list
  • Making necessary changes to Ad copies
  • Adjusting demographic targeting based on performance
  • Utilizing Google Analytics to analyze user behavior
  • Ongoing optimization for maximum ROI
  • Monthly progress reports

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