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Bluelight Offers Professional Google Adwords Services, Based In Hamilton.

If you place your online ads via Google Adwords, they are almost always relevant to the web users viewing them. That is the power of Google’s advertisement program. If you want to target a warm audience and convert users who show an interest in your products or services, you should have an effective ad campaign running.


Bluelight provides expert Google Ads Hamilton services that will help you increase your sales and maintain business profitability. Many customers with purchasing intent are already using Google to search for your goods and services. Our dedicated team of Google Ads specialists will help you stay in front of this audience.

Why You Should Invest in Google Ads

We can confidently state that investing your marketing budget into paid search advertising is 100% worth it. Having over 5 years of hands-on industry experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Adwords, we can vouch for the effectiveness of Google advertising. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Google Ads Hamilton, if you haven’t already:

Low Cost

Getting up and running with your Google Ads account doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike many other marketing channels. A professional advertising agency like Bluelight charges you for the initial account setup. There is an affordable ongoing management fee. Once you are set, you will only pay Google when interested prospects click on your ad.

Quick Results

Many advertisers recommend Google Ads due to short time it takes to see results. You can start your campaign now and by tomorrow you could be on top of the rankings for your keywords. With a well managed ad campaign, you can place your business in front of your potential customers in no time.

Highly Targeted Audience

You don’t want to waste your time and money on dead leads. With Google Ads, you can mitigate such pitfalls with it’s highly effective targeting features. You can adjust for factors including location, demographics, interest in order to acquire high-quality leads that are likely to convert into paying customers.

Lead Tracking

Tracking your leads is a very important aspect of a PPC campaign. Bluelight pairs Google Analytics with Google Adwords to gain valuable insight into the online behavior of your customers. We can review the performance of your Google Ad campaigns and optimise them using insights gained from the Analytics.


Google Ads allows you to reach web users who have interacted with your website, but took no action. Through retargeting (or remarketing), you can always stay on your audiences’ radar and be there when they are ready to convert.

Flexible Budget

You can set up and run a successful Google Ads campaign with a modest budget. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars just to reach your target audience. You can start with any budget within your comfort zone and increase as you start to get results. In case you use up your budget limit, your ads will simply pause.

How Bluelight Approaches Google Ads

We Start with Proper Research

Without proper research, your PPC campaigns will not yield results! As such, we always prioritize thorough keyword research prior to setting up and launching your Google Ads campaigns. Keyword research gives us insights into the online search behaviors of your target audience.

With this information, we can determine where our efforts will be more fruitful. Once we analyze your products & services and understand your business goals, we outline your campaign KPI targets.

Phone Call and Email Tracking System

You receive an automatic notification, every time a lead contacts your Hamilton business via our integrated call tracking system. When you receive a contact form or email enquiry, we track the leads too.

We can determine that a lead has originated from your Google Ads campaign, right down to the Ad copy and keyword used. This is crucial information since it enables us to quantify your return on investment. We also provide monthly progress reports where you can view the total number of leads your campaign has generated and the optimisation work performed.

We Focus on Leads and Sales

At Bluelight, we will work alongside you to determine the budget you are comfortable spending per lead generated. With this factor in mind, we review and optimize your Google Adwords Hamilton campaigns to maximize your ROI. Our key priority is always leads and sales – This ensures that we deliver on our promise of making your online marketing a success.

Google Adwords from A to Z

We ensure that we formulate results-driven PPC campaigns that align perfectly with your business goals. One major benefit of Google Ads is that you don’t pay unless an interested user clicks on your ad. By making paid search advertising a marketing priority, you can skyrocket your sales with a minimal investment.


There are a few reasons why Bluelight stands out from the crowd. We are a full-service advertising agency Hamilton that looks beyond just ad clicks. We track each action your prospects take on your business site and optimize your Google Ads campaign accordingly for increased conversions. Our company goal is to help your Hamilton business realise success in the online domain.


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Bluelight Google Ads Setup Process

  • Set up a new account or take over the existing one
  • Keyword research, cost analysis and estimate reach
  • Analyze products or service and establish the KPIs
  • Implement ad account structure
  • Set up ad campaign keywords, negative keywords and targeting settings
  • Professional Ad copywriting
  • Implement phone call and email tracking system

Bluelight Google Ads Management Process

  • Ongoing keyword research and target list additions
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the ad copies
  • Tweak demographic targeting according to KPIs
  • Use Google Analytics for insight into user behavior
  • Ongoing maximum ROI optimization
  • Monthly progress reports

We are a Certified Google Partner

Our status as a certified Google partner means that your paid search campaigns are in the best hands.

If you seek to take your business in Hamilton to the next level using Online marketing, then Bluelight has the solution for you.

What Our Clients Say

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