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Bluelight Offers Professional Google Adwords Services, Based In North Shore.

Online ads placed via Google ads are almost always relevant to the web users viewing them if the right keywords are chosen. That’s the power of Google’s advertising program. If you want to target a warm audience and convert users who show an interest in your products or services, you should have an effective ad campaign running.

Bluelight provides expert Google ad services that will help you increase your sales and maintain business profitability. Many customers with purchasing intent are already using Google to search for your goods and services. Our dedicated team of Google Ads specialists will help you stay in front of this audience.

Catapult your business to the top with Google Ads

In this digital age, the Internet is a ubiquitous place for people to get information. Google, as the world’s largest search engine, is the gateway to the internet, attracting hundred of millions of visitors each day. Google advertising in North Shore puts your business on top of your competitors.

Whether you want to start a new Google Ads campaign or optimise the performance of your existing one, we’re here to assist your business. Make your website visible to millions of customers and skyrocket your sales with a targeted, results-driven campaign.

Targeted Google Search campaigns that deliver

As a business owner, you know who your customers are — now let us help you reach them online. Our team of Google Ads management professionals are here to help you take advantage of the plethora of targeting options and features offered by Google Ads to guarantee that your ads are served to the right people at the right time. 

From age, location and demographics, we work hard to understand the business of our partners. This ensures that we craft a Google Ads campaign that not only increases the value of your brand but also provides higher returns of investment. Whether you want to target foodies in North Shore or you want to reach people who need plumbing, we can make it happen with AdWords in Auckland.

Why You Should Invest in Google Ads

We can confidently state that investing your marketing budget into paid search advertising is 100% worth it. Having over 5 years of hands-on industry experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Adwords, we can vouch for the effectiveness of Google advertising. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Google Ads for your New Zealand business if you haven’t already:

Low Cost

Setting up a Google Ads account is a great way to get your business started on the path to success. Unlike many other marketing channels, it doesn’t cost a fortune, and you only pay when interested prospects click on your ad. A professional digital marketing agency in North Shore, like Bluelight, can help get you set up and manage your account for an affordable ongoing fee. Once you are set, you will only pay Google when interested prospects click on your ad.

Quick Results

Advertisers love Google Ads because you can see results quickly. In just a day or two, you can be at the top of the search rankings for your target keywords. With a well-managed ad campaign, you can place your business in front of your potential customers in New Zealand right away.

Highly Targeted Audience

Google Ads is the perfect way to find high-quality leads that are likely to convert into paying customers. With its highly effective targeting features, you can adjust for factors including location, demographics, and interest, ensuring that you don’t waste your time and money on dead leads.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking is an essential aspect of a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign. By pairing Google Analytics with Google Adwords, we can gain valuable insight into the online behaviour of your customers. This information helps us to review the performance of your Google Ad campaigns and optimise them using insights gained from the Analytics.


oogle Ads allows you to stay in touch with web users who have interacted with your website but took no action. With retargeting, you can always be on your audiences’ radar and be there when they are ready to convert.

Flexible Budget

If you’re looking to set up and run a successful Google Ads campaign on a budget, you don’t have to break the bank. You can start with any budget that feels comfortable to you and increase your spending as you see quality results. And if you happen to use up your budget limit, your ads will simply pause until you’re ready to resume them.

How Bluelight Approaches Google Ads

We Start with Proper Research

At Bluelight, we take our PPC campaigns seriously. That’s why we always focus on thorough keyword research before setting up and launching your Google Ads campaigns. Keyword research gives us insights into the online search behaviour of your target audience – which is essential for determining where our efforts will be most fruitful.

Once we analyze your products & services and understand your business goals, we outline your campaign KPI targets. With this information in hand, you can be sure that your campaigns will be successful!

Phone Call and Email Tracking System

Our tracking system automatically notifies you every time a lead contacts your North Shore business via our integrated call tracking system. We track contact forms and emails as well, so we can determine where leads are coming from.

We can also know the origin of the lead from your Google Ads campaign, up to the keyword and ad copy level. This is crucial information for determining your return on investment in Google Ads. You can also view monthly progress reports which show the number of leads generated by your campaign and the work that has been done to optimise it.

We Focus on Leads and Sales

At Bluelight, we believe in providing quality services that will help you reach your desired goals. Our team of Google specialists will review and optimize your campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment per lead generated. Our key priority is always on leads and sales, to ensure that we deliver on our promise of making your online marketing successful.

Google Adwords from A to Z

We design results-driven PPC campaigns that are tailored to meet your business goals. One major benefit of Google Ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making Google Ads a cost-effective way to increase sales. By making paid search advertising a marketing priority, you can skyrocket your sales with a minimal investment.

There are a few reasons why Bluelight stands out from the crowd. We are a full-service advertising agency North Shore that looks beyond just ad clicks. We track each action your prospects take on your business site and optimize your Google Ads campaign accordingly for increased conversions. Our search advertising company goal is to help your North Shore business achieve success online.

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Bluelight Google Ads Setup Process

  • Set up a new account or take over the existing one
  • Keyword research, cost analysis and estimate reach
  • Analyze products or services and establish the KPIs
  • Implement ad account structure
  • Set up ad campaign keywords, negative keywords and targeting settings
  • Professional Google Ad copywriting
  • Implement a phone call and email tracking system

Bluelight Google Ads Management Process

  • Ongoing keyword research and target list additions
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the ad copies
  • Tweak demographic targeting according to KPIs
  • Use Google Analytics for insight into user behavior
  • Ongoing maximum ROI optimization
  • Monthly progress reports

We are a Certified Google Partner

Why entrust Amateurs with your Ad Campaigns when you can work with experts.

If you seek to take your business in North Shore to the next level using Google Ads Online Marketing, then Bluelight has the right solution for you.

Google Ads Specialists in North Shore

Jump-start your AdWords campaign with the assistance of our passionate and seasoned Google Advertising Management team.

With extensive exposure and decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, our PPC management team has in-depth knowledge of AdWords management. A successful Google Adwords marketing campaign is a detailed and arduous process. You need to choose the right keywords, create ads that’s convincing and compelling to your audience, set the right amount of budget, and more in order to see results. Worry not because we are here to guide your company through the entire process – a professional who knows what they’re doing is needed to create a campaign that drives conversions and growth.

A well-designed and strategic Google Ads campaign can funnel more quality visitors to your business. High intent and warm audiences can significantly boost your online presence and branding, and increase your leads and sales.

Whether you want to build your database of leads, increase sales on your e-commerce website, or bring your brand to the forefront of the Internet, our Google Ads experts can design a cost-effective Google Ads campaign to achieve your goals.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to create a successful Google AdWords campaign for your business – regardless of budget size. Contact us today to discuss your marketing strategy and get our PPC services in North Shore

Pay Per Click Advertising North Shore Explained

Pay per click is an advertising model in digital marketing in which an advertiser pays a fee every time their ad is clicked. This is the exact model that Google use to allow businesses to place advertisements on their search engine. In short, you pay Google in exchange for a boost of traffic to your website. And since a business only pays them when their PPC ads are clicked, the amount of visitors to their website is proportional to the amount they spend on advertising.

With PPC advertising, you can reach your target customers across North Shore and New Zealand while maintaining complete control over the amount and the keywords being targeted.

For example, when you place an ad on Google for the keyword “Google Ads North Shore”, your website can show at the top of the search results. Every time someone clicks your ads, they are redirected to your website and you pay a fee to the search engine.

Although it is not free, acquiring customers using this strategy can be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions. After all, it’s not a bad deal if you can get $1000 worth of sales from paying $4 in search engine ads.

When you’re running a PPC campaign, it’s important to make sure that your ads are high quality and relevant to what potential customers are searching for. This will help to ensure that your ads are clicked on more often and that you’re not wasting your money on irrelevant clicks.

A successful PPC campaign requires a lot of effort to get good results. A lot of aspects go into it such as doing keyword research, setting up the campaign correctly, optimising landing pages and writing good ad copy.

If these things aren’t done well, search engines will charge you more per click. However, if everything is done well, then Google will reward you by charging you less per click.

So if you want to make Pay Per Click advertising work for you, you need skills and experience. And that’s exactly what our Google Ads experts in North Shore offer your business.

What is Google AdWORDs in North Shore

Google Adwords is the primary advertising tool from Google.

Google Ads is the world’s most popular PPC advertising tool. Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads allows you to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Google Ads works on a pay-per-click model wherein you bid on certain keywords and pay for every click that your ad generates.

When a user searches a query, Google selects a set of ads to show up in its search results based on various factors. These factors include the relevance and quality of the advertiser’s ad campaign and keywords, as well as the size of their bid.

So who gets to show their ads on a given search results page will depend on the advertiser’s Ad Rank, a measure that factors in two aspects – the highest bid and the quality score of your campaign. This way, marketers are able to reach prospective customers at a cost that suits their budget.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

Google is the world’s most popular internet search engine, used by approximately 80% of internet users globally. When people use Google, they type in keywords and it returns a list of websites relevant to that keyword. 

Google Adwords was created to allow businesses, such as yours, to advertise on the Google search engine. With billions of searches each day, the Google search engine is easily one of the largest online advertising platforms in the globe – it is essentially an advertising gold mine. And you can start harnessing this by starting your own Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads works by you bidding on certain keywords to place your ads. These ads are links to your website. Whenever a user searches Google using your keywords, your ads are shown on the search results and you only pay whenever someone clicks your link. This is known as the PPC model. 

The goal is to put your ads at the very top of the search results so that more users can see and click your ads to funnel more traffic to your website.

How high your ads rank on Google depends on many different factors, which can become a challenge for small businesses with no dedicated marketing teams. Professional Google Adwords management agencies such as Bluelight, help small businesses in Auckland jump-start their Google Ads journey by offering top-notch expertise in Google Ads campaign setup, keyword research, and management.

Long-term investment in Google Adwords Management can go a long way, given that we can test different PPC setups that work best for your North Shore business, improving continuously over the span of years. The longer your account is active, the more data is generated, and the better the results in your bottom lines.

Without paid search and PPC using Google Ads, your website heavily relies on organic traffic, which can be next to zero without Search Engine Optimization. Even if you invest in SEO, it can take some time before you start getting results. With Google Ads, you can increase your traffic as early as the first month. For any business with a highly competitive niche (be it local or global), this is the best approach for online advertising.

What Our Clients Say

LOved by clients

Our clients love working with the premier Auckland digital marketing agency. Join them and watch your business soar!

Bianca Gear
Bianca Gear
02:32 18 Jan 24
Really happy with the results. Kasper has been super patient with all my questions and really great with helping me to understand the process. Thank you!
Nedjo Lakic
Nedjo Lakic
22:49 23 Jun 23
Great folks and professionals, very detailed and bringing results focused!
Nick and the team at Bluelight is the best decision we made for our business. Nick produced definitive and solid google ad results and has been instrumental in generating leads and increasing sales.I would highly recommend his services to all existing and new business start-ups. The growth of our business is due to the superb ad campaign development and the account management provided by Bluelight. Thanks Nick!
Craig Duffy
Craig Duffy
17:52 21 Oct 22
Nick and his team at Bluelight have been instrumental in setting up our Google Adwords account and managing it seamlessly over the past number of months. We thank you for your efforts to date, in aiding our business to generate leads.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Nick from Bluelight Digital Marketing Agency on the recommendation of a colleague. Nick very quickly understood my brief and executed the job with minimal effort. I was very happy with the work that he did in re-creating a blog site for me. He even created videos that were tailor made for my specific needs, in explaining how to use the software and patiently answered my many question after going live! I would highly recommend Bluelight Digital Marketing Agency.
John Borland
John Borland
04:59 12 Jul 22
Have used blue light since lockdown and they have been very helpful in generating inbound leads for my company.
Very professional and honest, he done exactly what he promised
Konradin Köchling
Konradin Köchling
07:37 06 Apr 22
Bluelight did an outstanding job for us! From professional, kind and patient customer care to execution we were totally satisfied. Thank you so much!
Jayrald Escandor
Jayrald Escandor
19:03 08 Sep 21
Maria Balaet
Maria Balaet
08:46 27 Apr 21
the best!
George Fejer
George Fejer
08:08 22 Mar 21
Absolutely thrilled with the website and marketing campaign these guys have put together for me!! Hands down the best agency I've ever worked with. Will be recommending them to all my friends!
Portstar Plastics
Portstar Plastics
01:09 23 Oct 20
Nick provides A1 service and ideas generation. Nick's build and management of our website has generated many new customers and great business for us. We would recommend Bluelight to all businesses.
Simon Llewellyn
Simon Llewellyn
06:59 06 Oct 20
I found Nick and his team to be very friendly, professional and capable with everything we've thrown at them again, if there was an option for more stars, I'd give more than 5.
Alex Patten
Alex Patten
06:46 04 Oct 20
Great service from Nick highly recommended
Katie Cameron
Katie Cameron
13:15 25 Sep 20
Great company to deal with - friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. Would recommend to anyone that is needing help with their business in the online space!
I have tasked Bluelight with a comprehensive setup and management of our company's Adwords campaigns. We have only worked together for a short period of time but their performance has already exceeded all our expectations. I'm looking forward to working together long-term and I highly recommend the team at Bluelight to anyone looking for some serious Google Ads specialists.
Sitav Bhadra
Sitav Bhadra
13:36 30 Aug 20
I can't praise Bluelight enough for the work they have done on my website! I presented them with a challenging project for which they came up with a well-defined plan and swift implementation. They have a talented team and promptly responded to my questions. I'm very happy with the final product.
Thomas Wessling
Thomas Wessling
21:40 27 Aug 20
Working with Bluelight has been a wonderful experience! Nick and the whole team are attentive, helpful and very knowledgeable. My website is already seeing and increase in leads, and I am excited to work with this digital marketing agency long term.
Timo Karnik
Timo Karnik
06:33 09 Jul 20
Bluelight does a great Job!
Kat Corbett
Kat Corbett
03:06 07 Jul 20
I have worked with Bluelight on multiple SEO and PPC projects and can highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business online. Nick and the team really know their stuff and are a pleasure to work with.
James Creek
James Creek
10:35 06 Jul 20
Super easy to work with - and now I'm looking forward to the next project. Thanks again Nick
Peter Masefield
Peter Masefield
23:00 21 Jun 20
As a web developer, I have worked with Bluelight on multiple SEO projects to help my clients gain more visibility online. I have have been consistently impressed with the way the campaigns were implemented and the project outcomes for my clients. I look forward to working together on more projects!
Matt Cutler
Matt Cutler
22:00 07 Jun 20
Vitaly Miheev
Vitaly Miheev
11:23 06 Jun 20
Outstanding digital agency with an answer to all our needs. Very easy to work with, great communication and the results speak for themselves! Highly recommend Bluelight to anyone looking for marketing, web design or SEO services.
Pavel Sarygin
Pavel Sarygin
02:42 28 May 20
Bluelight went above and beyond to make sure my website turned out exactly like I envisioned it - and even better! I highly recommend Nick's web design services to anyone, he is a pleasure to work with.
Marharyta Pryka
Marharyta Pryka
17:18 14 May 20
I am very happy with the team at Bluelight. Not only did they revamp my website to make sure it's optimised for conversions and working for me, but they are also delivering tangible results. They have hit the goals we've established at the project start and we continue to grow and push the brand together.
Stan Palyukhovich
Stan Palyukhovich
22:39 13 Apr 20
Bluelight has been a delight to work with. We went through a thorough consultation process, created a detailed design document and within 4 weeks the website went online. Overall a professional and smooth experience. Thanks!
Teresa Couper
Teresa Couper
16:28 31 Mar 20
Excellent experience working with Nick to develop my website his service and expertise has been greatly appreciated
Zachary Wyatt
Zachary Wyatt
07:54 21 Nov 19
Very professional service. Thank you for taking the time to really understand my needs and providing a solution.
Konstantin Jäkel
Konstantin Jäkel
00:48 01 Nov 19
Finding a digital marketing company that actually delivers what they promise is a real challenge, but working with Bluelight has proven that such companies still do exist. Fantastic experience!! 5 Stars from me!
VM Media
VM Media
03:00 23 Oct 19
I've worked with Nick from Bluelight on multiple projects and each time he provided valuable expertise and guidance around landing page design and SEO. I look forward to working with him again!
Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds
04:30 02 Oct 19
Nick and Bluelight has set up and successfully ran our Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns with our business. Both are incredibly successful, you can test and measure everything and the ROI and results stack up for themselves. If you want the phone to ring with genuine measurable leads then Nick is your man, and a good bloke too.
02:58 21 Sep 19
Great service, very responsive to my requests. Very happy with the end result. 5 stars!!
I highly recommend Nick and the team at Bluelight. Fantastic service and attention to detail. These guys really have the know-how in the digital space!
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant
06:06 12 Sep 19
I really enjoyed working with Nick on my new website .Great communication , Thorough & fast turn around 5 stars from Me
Tim Mehrtens
Tim Mehrtens
05:00 05 Sep 19
Bluelight is a great company to deal with. Nick took the time to understand my project requirements and consider my suggestions. My questionswere always answered swiftly and I always knew where we are at with the project. Wonderful overall experience! A ++
Jariwala Yash
Jariwala Yash
05:07 14 Aug 19
Nick designed an awesome website for me, I am very pleased with the end result. Nick is very professional and the process was smooth and efficient from start to finish. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to build a new site or improve an existing one.
Ruslan T
Ruslan T
06:22 07 May 19
Nick is a talented web designer who knows how to turn ideas into finished products. He pays close attention to detail and provides helpful suggestions on every step along the way. I am very pleased with the project outcome and I highly recommend working him.
Glen Hatcher
Glen Hatcher
00:02 04 Jul 18
Nick and the team at Bluelight are extremely gifted when it comes time to put plans together for clients in the online marketing space. They think of every concept and are well up-to-speed in ensuring maximising the opportunities for clients. I highly recommend Bluelight to anyone looking for optimising their digital footprint and gaining more clients.
Max Ronecker
Max Ronecker
06:05 25 May 18
Within a few months this agency turned my website into a valuable asset. I can only recommend this company to others, Nick & his team provide excellent services.
Apurv Sonani
Apurv Sonani
02:43 24 May 18
Resourceful, knowledgeable and professional. Great Service and fast Results!

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