From the information which was revealed late February, Google has decided to get rid of the average position metric. When online marketers heard about this information, they were surprised. The unfortunate thing is that google ads are replacing the average position metrics with new metrics. With the information highlighted below, you know how the new metrics usually differ from the ones online marketers are used to. Interested in learning more about SEM strategies and SEO Wellington and beyond? Then read on.

Google ads which are taking the place of the average position metrics

The impression shares can show you how your ads are performing compared to those of your competitors. This metric is arrived at by taking the total number of impressions you received from your ad and then divided by the total impressions your ad was entitled to receive. Some of the current impression metrics are:

i) Absolute top impression share percentage

This refers to the percentage of impression ads when your ad was able to appear in the first position on the search engine results page.

ii) Top impression share percentage

Refers to the percentage of the impression ads at any particular time where your ads appear in any position provided it was above the organic results.

iii) Absolute top search impression share

Refers to the number of impression ads that you receive on the first position of the results search pages and then you divide by the number of impression ads that you anticipated to receive in the first position.

iv) Search top impression share

This implies the number of impression ads that you have received at any position on your search network provided they were above the organic results. You will then divide them by the ones your channel is entitled to receive.

If you have a marketing campaign you are free to view your impression date, the product groups, ad groups, and campaign pages.
Meaning of the average position metric
The average position metric of the google ads is usually measured by their average position which they appear in search engines.

What makes the new Google Ads metrics to be powerful?

Currently, google ads are replacing all the average metrics due to many reasons. One of them is that the Search Engine Results pages will not consistently display the same number of google ads to the first pages. In this case, you will realise that the SERPs will display a maximum of 4 ads on the top page. Therefore, if your ads are averagely at position 4, most of the time you will be ranked at the bottom page of the search engine. The new metrics of google ads are designed such that they can offer highly relevant statistics to the users.

If you are doing online marketing, the new metrics can assist you in many ways. One of them is that they will offer you a clear picture of where the google ads are appearing to be spatial in the SERPS. This means they can enable you to know all changes which are made in the click-through rate.

How can you use the new google ads metrics to the maximum?

You are supposed to make some adjustments so that you can accommodate the new metrics. When it comes to search results which usually indicate that you have fewer google ads above the organic results, then you can increase your bids. This can assist you to receive the most valued impressions into your business. Normally, search results that have more google ads above the organic results can allow you to remain at the top of the organic results and also widen your scope.

To make your bidding more effective, you can also use the Target impression share tool. The lost impression metrics can assist you in determining how many times your google ads failed to appear at the top of the organic search results. The issues behind such a failure can be the ranking of your ad and low budget. Through the new google metrics, online markers who intelligent can be more effective.

Finally, in case you wish your ads to have maximum performance, then you must seek assistance from the best SEO company near you. If you enrich yourself with the above information, you can easily figure out how you can adjust your google ads so that they keep on appearing on the first pages of search engine results.

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