Marketers that are new to the digital marketing space are usually unsure whether to advertise on Google Adwords. In some cases, new digital marketers may not even know anything about Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is basically an advertising platform where marketers have the ability to target a specific market to advertise their products/services. In addition to that, Google Adwords utilizes a cost-efficient pricing model known as PPC (Pay-per-click).

Essentially with a pricing model like PPC, a fee is charged only if your advertisement is clicked. Making PPC one of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise a product/service.

Google Adwords is a powerful tool when used correctly. Below are some of the many reasons why Google Adwords is an effective advertising platform.


Google Adwords is one of the most transparent advertising platforms available right now especially when it is compared to traditional marketing avenues (newspaper, radio, etc). It provides its users with KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and metrics which gives its users the ability to see if an advertisement is performing well.

The main advantage of utilizing Google Adwords is that as soon as an advertisement is launched, it will provide real-time information through the different KPIs and metrics that are available on the platform.

Just to name a few KPIs and metrics provided:

  1. CTR (Click Through Rate) = Shows whether your advertisement has good engagement.
  2. Conversion Rate = Shows you which one of your advertisement is converting the best.
  3. More

If you are able to understand and learn to analyze these KPIs and metrics then you essentially are able to determine your ad campaigns ROI (Return on investment).

The Ability To Target A Specific Audience

Another reason why Google Adwords is such an effective advertising platform is due to the fact that it gives its users the ability to narrow down their advertisements to a specific target market.

This means that as a marketer you are able to get your money’s worth as the advertisements would only be seen by audiences that are already interested in your offers. Some of the options that you can use to narrow down your advertisements to a specific target market are:

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Advertising on Gmail and Youtube

A Cost-Efficient Advertising Platform

As mentioned earlier in this article Google Adwords employs a PPC pricing model. This means that you are able to use the service for free and only pay if someone actually clicks on your advertisement.

So, if your advertisement is not engaging enough which results in nobody clicking on it then you lose nothing. Furthermore, this also gives you the option to spend according to your advertising budget.

All you need to do is set the maximum amount you want to spend per day. There is no need to worry about overspending and anytime you find that the amount is too low or too high you can simply adjust them.

Generates Immediate Results/Feedback In Comparison To SEO

Although one of the main advantages of using SEO is that it costs nothing to launch an SEO optimized web page. However, it may take a few months before you can start seeing significant results that are worth analyzing.

The speed by which significant results will start to generate depends on how much content you are publishing each day and how good you are at SEO optimization. This means that if you are new to SEO then it may take at least a year before any significant results are generated.

On the other hand, through Google Adwords, you are able to see results immediately, this is because the moment the advertisement is launched it will immediately appear at the front page of the search engine results.

This means that within a short period of time, you are able to know if your advertisement is performing or not. So, adjustments can be done as soon as possible which will save a lot of time.

In addition to that, the sooner you make adjustments on advertisements that are not performing well, the sooner you will start seeing profits.

To summarize everything, Google Adwords is an effective advertising platform/tool because:

  • Provides KPIs and metrics – Giving users the ability to better understand their advertising campaigns.
  • Ability to target a specific market – Increases the sales conversion rate.
  • It is cost-efficient – There is no need to worry about overspending or having a low budget.
  • Provides immediate results – Immediate adjustments can be made.

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