Why google AdWords is the most cost-effective method to find customers

Are you interested in learning about the best way to showcase your product to your ideal customers? This article will inform you all about Google Adwords and why you should start using it. If you want to learn more about SEM strategies and SEO Christchurch & beyond – read on.

Imagine if there was a company interested in the best possible way to advertise their products to their potential customers. We will assume that they have a decent marketing budget, enough to afford the traditional methods of advertising.

For the purpose of this article, let’s use a health company as an example. This company’s main product is a medication that relieves back pain. Advertising using the traditional methods will show this product to a wide variety of people including; young, healthy, old and unfit. The problem here is that not everyone who will see this ad will have back pain. People who do not have back pain will have no interest in this product.

Customers are already searching for your product

The beauty of Google’s phenomenal advertising platform is that it has the ability of laser targeting. Their software allows you to target customers that are looking for what you offer, rather than the other way around. For this specific example, this health company would be able to connect their product to a specific keyword. When people are looking for back pain relief they would find this keyword. This is great since the customer is already looking for this and there’s a high chance that they’ll purchase it. This is a much better option. This way their product will not be shown to people who do not have back pain and have no intention of buying it.

As you can see, using Google Adwords would be far more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods as you are not wasting your dollars on uninterested audiences.

So how much do you need to spend in order to acquire customers? The excellent thing is that you don’t need to spend an absurd amount of money to find customers. Google’s advertising platform is quite inexpensive when it comes to acquiring customers. You basically pay only when someone clicks on your ad and takes a look at your product. The conversion rate is usually quite high since they are obviously searching for that product which shows that they were interested. This results in less ad spend and more sales, compared to other platforms. However, you should not set a limit to your spending. This will result in acquiring fewer customers and will prevent google from doing its thing and reaching the most customers possible for you.

What makes people put a limit on their budget?

One common reason people set a limit is that the manager of the ad account was not experienced in online advertising. Advertisers still like the idea of using traditional advertising methods as well as they get to see themselves in the spotlight.
Another reason is that people find using this method of advertising to be boring and mundane.
The final reason is that many ad managers do not know the true effectiveness of Google Adwords.

How much is the right amount to spend?

If you are wondering how much is the right amount to spend, in short, there is no definitive answer. The amount directly depends on the product or service that you are selling. Someone selling luxury real estate would want to have a much larger budget, compared to someone selling hot wheel cars from China.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Google Adwords is a great advertising platform that you should take advantage of. It offers far superior advertising per dollar spent and is a necessity for any business in this day and age.

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