Major changes in the Google shopping platform were announced at the google marketing live 2019 which was held in San Francisco. Though Google has dominated online search to a large extent, it is now facing competition from other internet companies. One of the largest online retailers has introduced an advertising platform in the last few years, and Google has been forced to make changes in its shopping to compete with the online retailer and avoid losing market share. Research indicates that 66% of the internet users, directly use the online retailer when they are searching for a product that they wish to buy, and it increases to 74% if the customers have decided on a specific product. Google realizes that persuading only a few large players to switch, will drastically alter the market conditions. Hence to persuade the larger customers to switch to its platform, Google is implementing some significant changes in its shopping and advertising.

Google shopping homepage

Google had the initial trial run of its shopping service in San Francisco with same-day delivery of the products ordered. The centralized service is now available at selected locations in the United States. Google Express will become the new homepage for Google Shopping with Youtube and Google Feed, integrated into it. This indicates that Google is diversifying from search to a personalized homepage for users which integrates all their data like search history, interests, and items purchased.
More options for shopping directly
In March 2019, Google first introduced its plan to serve ads using the search results for Google images, calling these purchase ads, shopping actions. However, it was later decided that the conventional search results would show these ads. This implies that merchants can serve ads on search results with Google assistant or in Youtube videos, and the purchases can be made immediately. Google will allow users to purchase items while watching videos about these items, without stopping the video or moving to another URL. This may help Google compete with Amazon, especially since Amazon’s advertising growth has slowed down in the last year.

Sharing the budget for brands

Globally if a branded product is sold to retail customers, advertising is typically used to raise awareness levels and make more people interested in the product, its features, and its advantages. However, this advertising can be expensive for companies selling their products worldwide. Now brands can support the advertising campaigns of the retailers who are stocking their products using a new feature introduced by Google. This feature is in closed beta testing in France and will be available in other countries soon.

Deep linking for google ads

Google has earlier announced the deep linking feature of google ads and now provided information about the updated Google ads platform. Google is now providing more information on how Google Analytics can be used for Firebase. Hence SEO specialists will be able to track the conversion data far more accurately, directly through the Google ads user interface. They will not have to waste their time developing additional software for tracking conversions.

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