So, Google AdWords ads are not showing in the search results of Google and you want to know what is causing this issue. You can simply consider using the Preview and Diagnosis tool. This tool is effective since it is designed to help advertisers to deal with similar kind of situations.

If you are regularly checking your ads on Google, you should certainly try this tool instead of doing a normal search. This tool will not affect your click-through rate or CTR. However, frequent searches might create an impression without incurring links. As a result, there will be a lower overall CTR. You can even expect worse. The ads might not show in the desired frequency. You can avoid all these possibilities by using the Preview and Diagnosis tool.

Personalized Search Result Might Be Confusing

There are some other downsides of the frequent search. Just imagine, what will happen if you do a frequent search on your ads? You might see some personalized results optimized for you. It is going to create more confusion especially when you are unaware of this feature.

When you do a repeated search on some specific keywords, you might not be seeing your ads. Google will be trying to help you with some new variations since you are doing a repeated search on the same topic. Google might develop the impression that you are looking for something new. Therefore, it might try to answer your queries with some new results. All of these can confuse you. They might create an impression that your ads are not showing on Google.

How the Ad Preview Tool Will Help

The Ad Preview tool is made for advertisers. Therefore, you can expect some best features. It will help with data accuracy. You will get exact information about your ads showing on search results. This tool can be more effective when you target specific locations. Yes, you can certainly give it a try to impress geo-specific targets. If you are looking for the best alternative, you can think of Incognito Mode.

What Is Incognito Mode?

This is a type of search mode. It is considered helpful since it does not include the personalized search result that can easily confuse you, as stated earlier. This search mode can help you with an ad impression regardless of the frequency of the search.

What If None of These Work?

If none of these is working, you need to go through your account status. For this, you will have to first login to the AdWords account and then you can have a look at the following problems.

  • The bid pricing is not supporting your ad to show on the 1st page
  • The budget is already expired
  • Some problem with the geographical setting
  • Issues with credit card payment
  • Disapproved ad copy

These are a few things you need to go through to ensure that there is no problem with your AdWords account. If you are still having difficulties, it is better to take the help of professionals. They are thoroughly experienced to resolve these issues fast and more effectively. Find the best professional help here.

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