Aakron Xpress

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Aakron Xpress, a leader in the boat trailer and car trailer industry, was looking for a full re-branding and and SEO conversion-oriented website design.

Achieved a Conversion Rate of 7% generating new sales
Astronomical growth with effective marketing strategies


Create a website that showcases all products, engages with prospective clients and guides them to take action on the landing page.


A responsive and mobile friendly website that utilizes modern techniques of digital marketing. Dynamic tracking codes allow for retargeting visitors in the display network, Youtube advertisements and social media channels. An integrated chat system connects hot leads with the business owners and helps them progress through the sales funnel. Integrated customer feedback helps increase credibility and optimize conversion rates.


With design best-practices and strategic SEO efforts we saw a heavy increase in website traffic resulting in 5,8K site views. We were able to convert 7% of the visitors into sales leads, based on actions taken on the website. We were able to convert an additional 0.6% of visitors who were retargeted on social media.

5.8K Page Views

7% Conversions

0.6% Remarketing Cv.

From The Client

“Solid branding,  elegant website, powerful marketing - Bluelight delivered results and helped kickstart our rapid business growth.”

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