Koru Europe

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Koru Europe, a wholesale distributor for ecological fashion, desired generating online leads and connecting with prospective retailers through an online funnel.

Mobile optimized and responsive to capture all traffic
Interactive and engaging user experience to increase conversions


To enter a highly competitive fashion market and distinguish the products from competitors.


A responsive an mobile-friendly website that presented an engaging UI that decreased bounce rates and increased conversions. Contextual content marketing that targeted niche-specific SEO keywords to increase search engine visibility. Dynamic remarketing campaigns that led visitors back to the call-to-action landing pages.


We’ve achieved over 1K montly visitors on the website within six month of its implementation. We have reduced the bounce rate to under 10% and increased the conversion rate to 3%. The remarketing campaigns on diverse social media channels helped increase the user retention rate by 19%.

>1K Visitors/Month

3% Conversion Rate

19% User Retention

From The Client

“Bluelight fundamentally changed our approach to marketing and helped us experience the opportunities digital marketing solutions can offer.”

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