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When your local business is based in Hamilton, isn’t it time to expand past your horizon? Of course, it is, since more customers mean expanded business growth. But to do that your company needs to have the right Google ranking. It takes more than just the right amount of keywords on your website to show up in the first Google search query.
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All good things come to those...

Understandably, SEO-driven business cannot be generated in a second, as excellent SEO is designed for your long-term use. There is an exact formula for this, and that requires patience and time. If there were an easier way, Bluelight would be among the first to offer this service. As it stands, your Google ranking deserves to be well-planned too. That is until many options can be presented for possible short-term growth.

Google Ads is one of the many solutions that we offer, but it’s not the only short-term plan that may work for your business. This is why there are more options available to make SEO ranking easier. Let’s look further at how they can establish and further solidify your future business. Since we’re dedicated from start to finish, we can use a combined strategy, if needed, for your business success.

How much do you know about Google?

The average number of Google searches per day exceeds 3.5 billion queries
In local searches, more than 97% of internet consumers search for products or services in Hamilton.
The future of modern business now represents 50% of internet searches through mobile devices alone
Websites that ranked #1 on Google have 300% more internet views than others that ranked for 3rd
Among the searches on Google, 92% of the internet viewers look at the first page only

How does SEO work exactly?

At one time, having a website with large numbers of visitor traffic was enough to have high Google ranks. But those days are long gone and the rules changed in favour of tougher rules that aren’t easy to follow. Every year this process is studied and picked apart by internet experts, hoping to find the perfect formula. This formula is fairly tricky since SEO (Search Engine Optimization) determines how much your website appears further up the Google search page.

Essentially, your website is like a recipe for making the best Lamington. Every ingredient is nearly the same, but what makes yours the best? This is what Bluelight adds to your recipe when it comes to providing SEO links and creditability.

How does my business achieve these ranking results?

To create the perfect blend of website ranking results, many tasks will need to be completed. However, the ability to rank higher in Hamilton starts with your On-Page Optimizing. This is first achieved by your modifying your website content and the code that provides search engine ranking. This is a collective percentage that represents 30-40% of the total Google rank.

Then there’s the secondary Off-page Optimizing that determine factors that contribute to your overall ranking. These include website links that are referred back to your site. With as much as 60-70% of that ranking ability, this is a process that’s long-term. Yet this is still incredibly powerful for cementing your Google rank overall.

Bluelight is an expert in SEO optimizing and helps your business expand while retaining your current clients. It’s a process that can be tracked and closely monitored, dynamically creating the highest-ranking position for you that’s possible.

Why is SEO needed if Google AdWorks does the same?

Everyone has heard of Google AdWorks and how efficient it helps to make your website rise like the cream of the crop. But this solution is short-lived since it’s designed to make money. To stay in your high-ranking position, it quickly costs more money to repair and manage the so-called SEO patches. This is a budget that your company will lose due to higher outgoing costs that become a financial burden.

This often leads to a company deciding to make some In-House SEO customizing and building their backlinks without knowing any better. Or worse yet, leaving this task to a web designer (who knows a few tricks)- that might or might not work… These risky techniques can often backfire in a short amount of time. Some of these tricks are fine, but others may fringe into the Black Hat’ zone. These are often picked-up by Google and quickly get punished, or your site might even be blocked for breaking SEO rules.

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An umbrella of SEO services for your businesses

Marketing analysis

We begin with a detailed look at your website and evaluate and detect immediate problems. This is then compared to your competitors and their available data. This allows us to advise and improve what your website needs to have a higher ranking in turn.

Full-service SEO strategies

Building a greater rank with Google means that your business is trusted and respected. This requires that the correct traffic is driven toward your site. It also requires directly focused content that gains effective website prospects. With the combination of these three strategies, a trust for your business gets established and will help you grow. In turn, Google continues to rank your website toward higher positions.

SEO campaigns

Our abilities don’t just stop with website SEO, since there is always a promotion that every company uses to advertise. We participate in many varieties of campaigns that are standard for online advertisements. We apply the same set of strategies for products and services as we provide for our web SEO. This can further ensure your return of investment from the analysis and testing that can lead to greater sales income.

SEO-based press releases

Perhaps your company is in the business of making bold steps marketing to others outside New Zealand. The problem is where to start when you don’t know how to mass market your press release with the right planning. We offer additional help in finding the right kind of agencies who handle press releases. Our extensive list of US and European based networks specialize in SEO-driven content. If you have big ideas on spreading an SEO press release, we can assist your further.


Creating a viable and strong SEO strategy
Bluelight also helps assist in developing keen strategies for your website. It begins with a consultation that helps determine what your business needs to target and what your website is lacking. It also helps that you keep up with modern trends that make your site more available to the mobile generation too. Since your website needs to be compatible with all of the current media that’s introduced.
Be prepared to experience more business with better SEO
Better exposure means more business growth with an established Google ranking. As long-term links help optimize your business, these newly built customers will further help in linking-back future clients as well. Choosing us for all of your SEO ranking needs is a step towards larger financial connections and opportunities. Don’t put your faith in Black Hat SEO techniques that could quickly ruin your website’s reputation.
We're proud of our clients and their success
Every company wants to show you how much their clients are happy. We would like to show you more than that. Bluelight takes pride in showing ranking proof of what we’ve achieved. The strategies and services we provide tell individual stories and show business profiles that we’ve developed. There are no secrets that are hidden here since we use perfected White Hat techniques and customized plans.
Customer reviews
We love our client feedback and letters that appreciate having higher Google rank levels. But that should work in your favour too. Nothing is more satisfying than being linked back to official websites that give your Hamiton business plenty of praise. Along with our customized services, we can advise you which review sites have the best ranking databases for you.

This further tells prospects outside of Hamilton and throughout New Zealand, that your services are well-respected. It also helps to make your Google ranking for trustability a whole lot stronger.

The practical science of Hamilton SEO
There’s a lot of speculation that’s happened over the last few months with the SEO companies. It’s led to a new revolution that forced-out many, or simply left the business out of frustration. Many so-called SEO experts repeatedly comment that SEO is the same as making crystal ball predictions. This is where we stick to our core values and base our opinions on leading-edge technology.

Understanding what long-term SEO is all about, is how we excel in a business that’s not easy to understand. For us, there’s little or no magic to it at all. There are just the little details that are missing from your website, that count to us the most. The real magic happens when your business prospects appear out of thin air, simply from tuning-up your website’s engine.

Is there a secret to optimizing your business?
It wouldn’t be a secret if it wasn’t all about business and the right to be competitive with others. There is always friendly competition, yet your greatest SEO campaign is a secret you can share with us. We become the eyes and ears of your competition and take the time to study what gives them an upper hand. Using our strategy methods, we introduce a plan that not only copies their SEO model but increases the results.

This, in turn, puts you two or three steps ahead of your competition and ahead of their Google position likewise. Understanding the co-relation of how websites work is one more reason why Bluelight is ahead of all the other competitors.

Website ranking and Scientific testing
One of the best examples separating the failing SEO companies from real professionals is from Scientific SEO testing. These include professional agencies that allow us to test out new kinds of rank testing for Google. These are based on strategies that include situations that simulate what Google reacts to. We then study these results and how they affect a website’s rank.

These tests not only allow us to filter out the guesswork but also helps target an effective SEO strategy that works. Though this sounds as though we can solve all the SEO problems, every website ranks differently because of their content. So every client that Bluelight can assist will get customized service that fits perfectly.

Your local business also needs to have a map-pack that helps separate you from other businesses in the same area. To have a city-wide ranking, this can be achieved with better visibility online. This is yet another advanced option that can allow you to get prominent ranking locally. This can make it easier when local customers are looking for your services directly.
These are for building back-links that give your business in Hamilton higher amounts of competition strength. Even before the steps are made to optimize your SEO for bigger authority sites, your Google ranking starts here. With local communities, there are several options that we can provide for establishing back-links in Hamilton. It’s a small step forward but an important resource that will get you better ranking results.
Many independent SEO companies offer what’s called a website audit. These are programs that continually change and become un-useful after a while. Many unreliable audit tools can give the wrong information and have general info given at best. In our business, we only apply the latest updated audit software that’s always reliable. We also offer these customized SEO audits to check-out your website.
Your website is most likely filled with plenty of content that relates to your business. But Google will tell you differently when it looks at the keywords that are directly linked to your rank. This is based on various topics that are mentioned, the intended use of your products and services, and keywords that are mentioned on Google. We provide research that targets the exact keywords that should be added to your website. The most commonly used words are the ones that instantly make your website stronger for any Google search.

How we handle local links

Are you curious to see what Google wants to see on your website when it comes to links in Hamilton? The results might be something that your website is lacking. Here is a short-list of factors that make or break your local business ranking.
An appropriate collection of related sites linked onto your website
A decent amount of non-related links from social media, blogs, and directories
A select portion of links that show a slow build-up over time
Specialized links that come from related services or niche business products
The right amount of relevant words used (tags) that are used in your links

Don’t forget your citations

Many businesses will forget that a good citation is what links back directly to your business. This often included your business name, the address and postal code, and the web address. These are important in establishing local searches. We can provide a solution for higher ranking by using a standard Google My Business’ citation. After that, local searches for your business appear faster using the exact match found on many other citation sites that we add.

It doesn’t end with just citation listings as there are also hyperlinks that target every Hamilton directory available. We select and build your directory connections through these hyperlinks. As they’re attached to each directory link, your website will be easier to spot. These are also excellent back-links that can rate you better for Google searches too.

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