What Is A Quality Score And How Can You Improve It?


As the buzz is out that the procedures for rating of online Ad campaigns have been revised by Google, it’s important to know about them. In this article, we intend to bring out the essentials of Google’s revised Quality Score system. You’ll also get some useful tips to improve your score.

What’s Understood by Quality Score?

Often abbreviated as QS, the Quality Score is nothing but the system followed by Google to rate the quality as well as relevance of your PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads and keywords used in the Ads. It has a direct bearing on CPC (Cost Per Click) of your Ad. Your Ad’s rank is found by multiplying it with the highest bid that your Ad generates during auction. In a nutshell, it defines your Ad’s usefulness. It’s based on several factors, some of these are :

  • Your Ad’s CTR or Click Through Rate.
  • Relevance of the matter of your Ad.
  • How relevant are your keywords in the Ad group?
  • Previous record of your Google AdWords account.
  • Performance of your landing page in conversion of leads, which is dependent upon its relevance to the Ad as well as its quality.

Why Should You Try to Improve Your Ad’s QS?

As per Google, QS is just a diagnostic tool and doesn’t indicate the performance. It’s considered to be just an indicator of the efficacy of your keywords and Ads. Google also mentions that QS shouldn’t be the sole focus in the management of your account. Although Google doesn’t quantify the importance of Quality Score or its individual factors, you can’t underestimate their influence on your overall campaign. Without going into the unknowns of QS and its direct/indirect effect on your Ads, it’s safe to say that a high Quality Score will prove to be useful in the following aspects (at least) :-

  • Achieving better rankings in Ads.
  • Reducing the overall costs of your campaign.
  • Higher leads generation.
  • Improved conversions of leads.
  • Frequency and location of your Ad’s appearance.

How Can You Improve Your Quality Score?

It’s possible to improve your QS by laying adequate focus and emphasis on the factors that affect it. Some methods of undertaking these are :

Relevant and Effective Keywords.

The importance of having relevant and effective keywords can’t be overemphasized. A thorough research should be done to use keywords that are not only relevant to your product/service, but are likely to be used by potential clients for their search. You must follow a good match-type policy to shortlist the keywords. It’s important to use the correct keywords right from the beginning of your campaign.

Organizing Groups of Ads into a Comprehensive Strategic Policy.

Prepare a strategy wherein you’ve groups of Ads strengthening each other. Keywords and key-phrases of different Ads in the same group shouldn’t contradict.

Well Written Ad Content.

By having Ad content which targets a specific type and class of population, you can enhance your CTR.

Remove Negative Words and Phrases.

Negative words not only give a gloomy look to your Ad making it ineffective, but even cause wastage of your budget.

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