When Should I Start Using Google Ads, SEO or both?

Although both SEO and Google Ads are good online marketing tools, knowing which tool to focus your energy on can be very confusing. To understand better on this underlying topic keep reading this article.

New Websites Should Focus More On Google Ads

Over the years, Google has changed its algorithms multiple times, making it harder to rank organically in the Google search results. Especially when your website is new. Although it is harder now to rank organically, it is still possible.

SEO should be viewed as a long term investment because it takes a longer time now to organically rank high in comparison to 5 years ago. The key here is to be consistent with your content production and to always optimize every single web page found on your website, By doing so eventually, multiple web pages from your website will rank high.

Although, with the use of deceptive SEO tactics you are able to quickly rank high in the organic search results. It is highly unrecommended that you use these deceptive tactics as it can lead to your website being penalized.

The best way to approach building a new website’s presence online:
At the very beginning use SEO to rank on your local search results, only if it is applicable to your business/website.
Even from the very start, you already want to ensure that all the content/web pages are SEO optimized.
Generate short-term results with Google Ads while simultaneously ensuring that your website is SEO optimized.
In the short-term focus more on Google Ads but consistently produce SEO optimized content.
Once organic rankings start showing good results reduce Google Ads investments.

Advantages Of Running Google Adwords Over The Short Term

1.Achieve Short-term Results With Google Ads

Although, Google Ads has the ability to generate short term results in comparison to SEO. Do keep in mind that if you are new to running Google Ad campaigns it may take a while before you start seeing results (months).

The reason for that is because there is plenty of split testing that is needed to be done to understand which copy has the best conversion rate. However, as you get better at it or found a working formula, running Google Ads will become smoother and results are generated faster.

2.Has The Ability To Take Advantage Of Competitors Brand Searches

Through the utilization of Google Ads, you have the ability to bid on competitors’ brand searches. Bidding on competitors’ brand searches is especially useful when your business offers a similar product or service.

However, you want to ensure that in your Ad copy you clearly state your product/service key differentiation (i.e price, features. etc). Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract people to click on your ads.

Also do take note that, although the presence of mobile devices online has been increasing rapidly over the year. Surprisingly there is a low number of companies that use Google Ads to advertise their brand/product/service to mobile devices.

So, this is something that you may want to take advantage of as well.

3.Research Keyword With Google Ads

As mentioned before earlier in this article, through the use of Google Ads you have the ability to produce immediate results. This gives advertisers the opportunity to test out and better understand which keywords/keyword variations work best.

You can then collect the data gained from your Google ad campaigns, and utilize it in your SEO strategy to better rank your web pages organically. This method of keyword research is especially useful when you are trying to expand your online presence efficiently on keywords and search terms that you are not already ranked in.

4.Your Reach Are Not Limited To Google Search Engine Users

With Google Ads, you not only have the ability to advertise on their search network (Google search engine) but you also have the ability to advertise on their display network.

Through the Google Display Network, businesses/marketers are able to advertise themselves or their products/services through a network of websites (2million websites) that are partnered with Google or owned by Google. This means that you are able to reach out to people when they are watching youtube videos, checking their Gmail or even when they are browsing through their favorite websites online.

5.Having The Ability To Choose Your Landing Page

Through the use of SEO, a web page is ranked based on the Google search engine algorithm. This means that you do not have the luxury to choose a specific web page that you want to advertise.

However, with Google Ads, you are able to advertise any page that you want. Having the flexibility to choose a specific web page to appear on top of a search result gives you the ability to advertise with intent (i.e collect email list, sales conversion, etc).

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