Should a business hire an agency for managing their Adwords account?

A large number of small and medium businesses are using Google Adwords for advertising their products or services. Many of them have to decide whether they should hire an agency specializing in Google adwords or manage the advertising themselves. They wonder if there is any benefit of spending money on the agency’s services. Many businesses feel that paying an agency for managing the adwords account is only an expense. Some of the factors which have to be considered while deciding whether Adwords management should be outsourced are discussed below.

Changes in Adwords

One important thing which a business should consider while taking a decision on Adwords management is the number of additional features and changes which Google makes in Adwords. The marketing manager of a reputed brand claimed that Google had made over one thousand changes to Adwords in one year. When any change is made, the business using Adwords has to understand the modification, so that they can implement it properly. Most business owners and their employees have a very busy schedule, so it is difficult to find the time to keep themselves updated with the changes in the Adwords platform.

Time required for adwords management

Often business owners decide that they or their employees will manage adwords themselves. However, they often find that they have a lot of other urgent pending work, so they do not login regularly to review the effectiveness and changes in adwords. In some cases, they will check their account only after many months, usually only if there is some kind of problem. Since the business will usually find it difficult to resolve the problem themselves, they will again require the services of the adwords agency. Hence businesses should realize that they do not save much money managing the adwords account themselves.

The business owner should realize that the business will have to spend time understanding the adwords changes to effectively implement them. Additionally if the adwords account is not optimized, the business will also be wasting money on advertising. Most businesses do not track the effectiveness of the adwords account regularly, and make the required changes to get the best possible results. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a specialized agency dealing in Google Adwords since they keep themselves updated with the latest changes in the advertising platform. They also systematically manage all Adwords advertising, making any changes if required.

Benefits of hiring a Google adwords agency

Many adwords agencies find that most clients who terminate their services, to manage the advertising themselves, will hire their services again after a few months or years. This is because the clients realize they will make more money, focusing on their core business, selling the product or service they specialize in. The clients find that they do not have the time to focus on the advertising campaign. Even if they are checking the account regularly, the client finds that they will have to spend a lot of time, to get the best possible results. Due to the complicated adwords rules, even the agencies find it difficult to understand how adwords changes will affect the advertiser. In some cases, new features may affect the account, though it is not immediately obvious.

However, being a specialized agency, the agency will check the effect of all the changes in Google adwords and make the required adjustments. Google evaluates all Google adwords agencies who are certified partners. During this evaluation, Google will check whether the agency is conforming to its guidelines for best practices. The agency also will get an insight into multiple trends, which affect the adwords campaign of their client. The agency will make a note of these factors and quickly adjust the adwords campaign accordingly.

Managing a Google Adwords campaign

Though it may appear simple, managing a Google Adwords advertising campaign is time consuming and requires skills. It includes the following activities:

  • Login to the Adwords account to monitor the performance, and adjust the campaign if required to improve it
  • Making major or small changes to the ad campaign as required. Important changes for advertisements are adjusting the bid amount, advertising copy, type of keyword matches and adding keywords which are negative.
  • Review the ad extensions used so that the ads are displayed more often on Google
  • Setting up and checking conversion tracking regularly. This makes it easier to make the small changes required to the website, which will have a large impact on the performance of the ad campaign.
  • Monitoring competing businesses and their online advertising strategy. In some cases, this can have a major effect on the performance of the campaign.
  • Checking the quality score for the account, and fixing any problem faced
  • Unlike the clients who are not aware of the changes in Google adwords, the agency will usually make the changes, and implement the features for their client, soon after they are introduced to get the best possible results.
  • Reviewing the share of the impressions for a particular keyword, and recommending changes in budget if required
  • Data analysis to find out if any adjustments are required for bidding, ad scheduling based on device used
  • Reporting on the results obtained, so that client will notice the improvement


Managing an Adwords account and advertising campaign is a skill which a person can learn only after spending time. If the employees of a business do not have the time to learn the skill well, they are losing the opportunity to get better returns from the money spent on advertising. They will also not get a higher conversion rate, if they do not have the tools to check the effectiveness of their campaign and make the changes required. Hence, the google adwords agency is providing a professional service to the business who is hiring it. Though the employees of the business may be able to manage the advertising themselves, they will typically take a long time to become as proficient in adwords management as the adwords agency. Thus the time and money saved by a business when they hire a competent experienced adwords agency for managing their adwords account, makes it cost effective.

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